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-the joining or merging of elements to form one mass or whole. 

'Coalescence' is a series of visual diptychs arranged as a dialogue between myself and my daughter. Compositions that place us side by side, as we navigate a world of change. This intimate project aims to express the experiences of women during the transitional phases of menopause and menstruation - it is a call to appreciate our shared journeys and elevate these natural processes.


My daughter pivots on the cusp of adolescence, while I am nearing the end of this cycle.  40 years divide us. As the tenderness of childhood slips away, we bracket each other's natural rhythms. In between, rests a delicate balance of our demands and desires.

The cycle of life's balance persists.

The youthful desires that once held my attention make way for the gift of time, while my daughter's zest for life unravels as a charged birth of emotion. 

We seek to tread gently through these rites of passage, as a tender coalescence binds us. We weave our stories together with a gentle acceptance of age. 

Through these diptychs, we encourage you, whoever you are, regardless of age, to honour your personal journeys and celebrate change as a catalyst for acceptance and love.

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